Thaís Muniz



I am an interdisciplinary artist interested in the territories of identity, belonging, memory, displacement and inwardly love. Through my art practices, I build bridges and open conversations to propose reconnections, change and healing, from an anti-colonial perspective against innumerable mechanisms of collective illness. My work aims to unfold intimate practices of collective learning through community workshops, performances, installations, and urban interventions. I also expand my vision through audio-visuals, collages, celebrations, and sculptural textiles.

My practices emerge from the need to shatter the status quo when it comes to representation and legacy. I use diverse disciplines to empower identities, based on the re-appropriation of stories, narratives and habits. I also endeavour to connect people and communities through uplifting topics which I consider important. As an interdisciplinary artist from the South-Global, I developed a modus-operandi of collaborative work with others towards liberation and decolonization, and my transit between territories is a method to link realities and amplify for all audiences; a form of ‘Culture in Action’ in which the participatory element and socially engaged practices are key for my work.

Since 2012, I’ve been developing a body of work and research about identity in the Afro-Atlantic communities through turbans, headwraps, textiles, and the relationship of non-verbal communications implied through the head. I named this platform Turbante-se – a word I created that means ‘Turban Yourself’. I have used this platform as a way to research and share sensitive topics such as identity and self-esteem. Since its foundation, the platform has been empowering Black and Brown communities, not only in Brazil but all over the world, through an array of practices and actions. I connect with others in tactile, accessible and educational ways, both online and offline.

I have been living and working between Dublin and Brazil since 2014.