Aoife Scott is an award winning Irish visual artist, primarily working in printmaking and painting. After graduating from The National College of Art and Design in 2013 with a BA in Print, she went on to complete her MA in 2017 at The Royal College of Art in London. She has been a member of Graphic Studio Dublin since 2013 when she received the Graduate Award. Having exhibited internationally and in Ireland, Aoife’s work has been collected by The Victoria & Albert Museum,
London, The British Library, London and The National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin. Aoife is currently working as a part-time lecturer in the Print department in NCAD, Dublin.

Aoife Scott’s practice pivots around the concepts of the Anthropocene, the Symbiocene and Solastalgia. Being a year round sea swimmer and mountain runner the artist spends a lot of time outdoors and so the work embodies a complex, personal and deeply thoughtful response to nature. Aoife’s work celebrates the beauty, energy and fragility of the natural world while questioning our personal and collective responsibility for our own well being and that of our
planet. Recent painted, printed and sculpted works express the dynamic and fraught relationship between man and nature, and reverberate with the underlying element of struggle and urgency. As the artist believes that a disconnection is at the root of it all, it is her ambition as an artist to stimulate an important conversation in the hopes of inspiring a reconnection with the natural world.