Aoife Scott Exhibition

Published: May 2, 2023

Date: 31st August to 10th September 2023

Time: 10am to 4pm daily

Location: The Dean Art Studios

Aoife Scott’s practice, primarily rooted in printmaking and painting, embodies a complex, personal and deeply thoughtful response to the natural world. Pivoting around the concepts of the Anthropocene, Solastalgia and the Symbioscene, Scott's work explores and investigates her personal journey of connecting with nature and her inner child at a deeper level. Being a year round sea swimmer, the artist draws inspiration from and responds to places where the sea meets the land or where the land meets the sea. Whilst Scott's work celebrates the powerful and energetic beauty of these natural places, she also looks at the fragility and vulnerability of these environments and questions our personal and collective responsibility for our own well being and that of our planet. In this show, Scott will showcase a mixture of installation, painting and fine art print which will express and communicate her own personal journey of reconnecting with her inner child and the natural world. Launching on Thursday 31st August at 6pm at The Dean Art Studios